Commerical Refridgeration Installation & Refridgeration Repair

Peck Hannaford + Briggs’ factory authorized, EPA certified technicians are capable of servicing, troubleshooting, maintaining, and installing commercial refrigeration systems in the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky tri-state area.

Refrigeration Systems We Work On

The types of refrigeration systems Peck Hannaford + Briggs is qualified to work on, but not limited to, is as follows:

  • Ice machines
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Walk-in freezers
  • Commercial refrigerators
  • Commercial freezers

Refrigeration Services Offered

The specific refrigeration services Peck Hannaford + Briggs is able to offer is as follows:

  • Cooler preventative maintenance programs are great for maintaining the integrity of your machines.
  • Our technicians are factory authorized for warranty work.
  • Tighter regulations mean more refrigerant conversions. PHB is EPA certified and can help ensure your systems are compliant.
  • We also offer refrigeration replacements and refrigeration retrofit services.

Get Started With Peck Hannaford & Briggs for Your Refrigeration Services

Peck Hannaford + Briggs has an experienced and knowledgeable workforce to service and maintain all varieties of refrigeration systems. Contact us to prevent small issues from developing into giant problems or even possible shutdowns. Our certified technicians are even available to work overnights or weekends to minimize operational impact.

For any of your industrial & commercial refrigeration needs in the Greater Cincinnati area, please contact Peck Hannaford + Briggs for a free evaluation and cost estimation.